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Posts published by “patrick.carder”

Script to Set PasswordNeverExpire Attribute

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Here is a quick script to set the PasswordNeverExpire Attribute to either True or False for a list of email address on a CSV file.

Office 365 Migration Script v0.1

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I came up with the below script to help with creating and migration users as a batch from On-prem Exchange to Office 365.

Veeam Backup Repository NTFS Hardening

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I had a request recently from a client to increase the security on the Backup Repositories within Veeam. Hear are simple steps to lock down the Backup Repositories to a Veeam Service account, stopping all other accounts from accessing the data. This is useful is the environment was compromised or…

Script to Bulk Update Citrix 7.x Applications

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We have a client where they still use a lot of published applications and we had a situation whereby we needed to update an attribute of dozens of applications . So I came up with the below script.

What’s Passcore?

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Today I came across something that I thought was interesting, Passcore. It’s an opensource straight forward webapp that you publish on an ISS server that connected to AD which allows users to reset their AD password. It can be secured behind HTTPS to encrypt the traffic (note if you run…