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My Introduction and initial thoughts of Rubrik!

patrick.carder 0

So we are looking at Rubrik for our customers, and it’s actually been really interesting to look at a different approach to backup solutions. Traditionally I’m used to Veeam, Backup Exec and some exposure to Zerto. I know there are many backup products out there but after looking Rubrik, it looks so simple! and it’s integrations into ServiceNow are a great benefit!

So far from what I’ve seen the biggest draw back around Rubrik is around some application aware backups and recovery. For example, Veeam can natively restore mailboxes or even mailbox items rather than restoring the whole EDB and working from there. However within Rubrik, you’re provide you with 3rd Party tool provided by Ontrack (Formerly Kroll Ontrack).

It’s still early days, but I know I’ll be finding out a lot more soon, so that means more feedback soon 🙂

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