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Script to Find and Disable UM Mailbox linked to an Extension

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With a client we had an issue where the 1st Whiners were having issues enabling UM Mailboxes for new users. This was due to the extension being already allocated to another User. So I created the below script for them.

There was a bit of a challenge to the script as I wanted to make it as simple and comprehensive as possible for them to run.

The script basically runs through the following steps:

  • Launch Powershell as Administrator
  • Install any missing required Powershell modules (MSOnline)
  • Connect to Exchange Online and Office 365 Powershell
  • Find which users has been allocated a UM Mailbox with X extension
  • Checks what O365 license the above user has
    • If the user doesn’t have a E3 or E5 license, then it prompts you if you want to allocate a E3 or E5 license
  • Prompts if you want to disable the UM Mailbox for the user
  • Disables UM Mailbox
  • Removes O365 License if previously added by the script
  • Script Ends with a countdown.

Disable_ExchangeOnlineUMMailbox.ps1 (Right click and “Save As” to download the file)

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