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What’s Passcore?

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Today I came across something that I thought was interesting, Passcore. It’s an opensource straight forward webapp that you publish on an ISS server that connected to AD which allows users to reset their AD password. It can be secured behind HTTPS to encrypt the traffic (note if you run it over HTTP the passwords are sent in clear text format, potentially allowing acess from a MITM (Man In The Middle) attack.

I can definitely see this working in many environments, so enjoy 🙂

PassCore has the following features:

  • Easily localizable (i.e. you can customize all of the strings in the UI — see the section on Customization)
  • Supports reCAPTCHA
  • Has a built-in password meter
  • Responsive design that works on mobiles, tablets, and desktops.
  • Works with Windows/Linux servers.

Link to PassCore:

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